Saturday, August 15, 2020

5 Classy Ways to Style a White Dress Shirt

The white dress shirt has got to be one of the most worthwhile staple pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. It is a blank slate that can be worn with your favourite pair of jeans, with sneakers or a pair of heels, with dress pants or a full skirt… the options truly are limitless.


This shirt is perfect if you are aiming for the minimalistic look. However, if you also want to add just the right touch of glam to your outfit, accessories are the way to go. Adding accessories can make your white dress shirt come to life and magically go from understated to statement-making.


Below are our favourite ways to play around with this versatile fashion piece.


Style your white dress shirt with a Scarf


There’s nothing like a beautiful scarf to accentuate your white dress shirt, add a dash of colour and flaunt some attitude. Scarves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and patterns but there is one thing that is true to all of them: they all combine well with the white dress shirt.


Pick longer, thicker scarves during the fall and winter months and lighter, shorter ones for the warmer season. A bright coloured scarf is perfect to make a playful spring or summer statement.


Show Your Class With Cufflinks

Cufflinks are another great way to add personalisation to your look in an instant. These accessories have more power than you may first think. Small details make a BIG difference which is why you should think of cufflinks as an essential and valuable styling opportunity.


If you want to wear cufflinks, you need to make sure that your white dress shirt has cuff holes. Look for a shirt with either French cuffs or convertible cuffs.


French cuff shirt features a double-long cuff that folds back over itself. There are no buttons just buttonholes that should be aligned to be closed with cufflinks. For more detailed information about French cuff shirts read our previous article “Why, When and How to Wear Women’s French Cuff Shirts”.


The second option, convertible cuff, is a lesser known cuff style that you can wear with a button or with cufflinks. Unlike a French cuff, it only has a single layer and features an extra buttonhole where a cufflink can be threaded through. One cuff, two styles.


Women’s dress shirts with convertible cuffs are not easy to find but if you need one, check out Ella Hopfeldt’s dress shirt collection – all of the shirts have either convertible of French cuffs. 

Stand Out With a Bow Tie

Many women think of bow ties as men’s accessories but in reality, women have been stealing the look for years. This small accessory has been adopted by the fashion-conscious women and given a feminine twist since the beginning of the twentieth century.


Bow ties have a chic attitude, they are fun, refreshing and make you stand out in the crowd. From the classic black bow tie to the lavish one with floral pattern, rock them proudly on your favourite white dress shirt.


Any occasion can be a bow tie occasion – days in the office, nights out, birthday parties, grand openings, family feasts, you name it – a bow tie works.

Wear pearls


Pearls are different from all other gems – they don’t sparkle, they cast a soft glow which is very face flattering. They are a little old school, but their subtle gleam suggests elegance, quality and an innate simplicity.


A white shirt and pearls worn close to the face is as good as carrying around your own personal spotlight. You can either choose to wear a beautiful pearl choker or a long strand of pearls, plus anything in between. Don’t forget the matching earrings or bracelet to go with the necklace. Both of these will enhance the look of not only the pearl necklace but the rest of your outfit.


 Roll up your Sleeves


Rolling up your sleeves is a stylistic expression that gives a youthful and cool look to your outfit. There are several different ways to roll up your sleeve but if you want a neat and stylish outcome, we recommend the master roll (also called the Italian roll).


For the master roll undo your cuff buttons and fold up your sleeve until the end of the cuff hits just below your elbow. Smooth any creases or folds in the fabric and roll from the bottom end of the sleeve once more to cover the cuff. Leave the top end of the cuff exposed.


The master roll is particularly eye catching when your white dress shirt has contrast lining or design pattern on the inside of the cuff. Click to read more on rolling up your dress shirt sleeves


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why, When and How to Wear Women's French Cuff Shirts

Dress shirts are a no-brainer essential for any woman’s wardrobe. There is no question that a nicely tailored button-up will make you look effortlessly elegant in no time and is perfect for office as for a casual outing. But what to make of women’s French cuff shirts? This guide covers everything you need to know about double cuffs for women.

Why would women want to wear French cuff shirts?

For those unfamiliar to the French cuff, the design can appear to be somewhat of an anomaly. The sleeves seem way too long, there are too many holes (four to be exact), and zero buttons. There is a lot going on, but one fold and some pinning and you will have a cuff that looks fantastic and adds a little bit of extra style to your outfit.

I personally am a great fan of French cuffs shirts and would recommend it to women for the following five reasons.

  • Look Incredible. There is something about dress shirts with double cuffs that makes women (and men) look stylish and sophisticated. Shirt cuffs may be a small detail but details matter and can take outfits to another level.
  • Stand out from the Crowd. When you wear a French cuff shirt, you will always stand out from the crowd. Double cuffs are elegant without being gaudy; they are classic without being pretentious; they make a statement without yelling.
  • Express Your Individuality. When everyone at the workplace dresses and looks the same French cuffs are an excellent way to stand out. These cuffs allow your personality to come through because of the options when deciding which cufflinks to wear: silk knots, sterling silver and gemstones can help project the desired image.
  • Show off your confidence. Not every woman has the confidence to wear a French cuff shirt but if you do, then go for it! Wearing double cuffs is a sure-fire way to send a signal that you’re confident and worth paying attention to.
  • Make a killer first impression. Your clothing makes a visual statement within just seconds of meeting someone. When it comes to dressing professionally, keep in mind three A’s: appropriate, authoritative and authentic. A beautiful French cuff shirt ticks all three of these boxes.

When to Wear French Cuffs?

Women’s French cuff shirts are flexible picks to wear. They can be worn all year round to a variety of occasions but work best for times when you want to get noticed without being over the top. 

  • Office. French cuff shirt is an excellent go-to-choice for the office. It can be your little luxury and a small treat to yourself. If you like wearing French cuffs to work on a daily basis, make sure to get a selection in different colours (white, blue, pink). I have a weak spot also for striped double cuff shirts. 
  • Meetings. From a boardroom meeting to an informal client luncheon or dinner, dressing to impress never fails. A French cuff shirt is one of the easiest ways to dress up while staying stylish and not going overboard. 
  • Dinner. White shirt with French cuffs will do nicely. Leave a few buttons undone, accessorise with a string of pearls and you are ready for the night.

How to Wear a Double Cuff Shirt

As I wrote in one of my earlier articles, Women’s French Cuff Shirts – Yes or Nodouble cuff shirt is very easy to combine with everything else in your wardrobe. And there are no restrictions as to how you can wear it. 

In men’s fashion, French cuff shirts were originally a mark of more formal wear, only appropriate when also wearing a suit and tie. However, times have changed, and these days even men’s attire sees these shirts appear not only without a suitcoat but even without a tie. 

Here are three ways in which you can style a French cuff shirt. 

The Business Look: Suiting it up

Suits are commonly known as most famous business attire for both men and women and a French cuff shirt fits right into the mix. Add heels and a handbag to complete the look and you’ll be ready for your day. When deciding whether to wear a skirt or pants, keep in mind this piece of female sartorial wisdom: studies have shown that women who wear a skirt suit are perceived as more senior and more professional. 

The Smart-Casual Look

French cuff shirt with smart casual is a great way to dress up your outfit a notch. A shirt with double cuffs pairs wonderfully with dark wash jeans and a sport coat.

The Evening Look

A maxi skirt is an item that every lady should own. Not only do these full-length skirts look fantastic, but their chic style can also flatter anyone. 

French cuff shirt and a maxi skirt are a match made in heaven for an evening out. Tuck the shirt into your skirt to highlight your waist, add a shawl and you are ready to go. Talk about sophisticated!

Where to buy Women’s French Cuff Shirts

A French cuff shirt adds class and sophistication to your wardrobe. It is one of the unique and timeless items that you can wear through many fashion seasons so make sure you get a shirt of good quality. One place to look for high quality women’s French cuff shirts is Ella Hopfeldt.